MASK Masters (Adult Swimming)

Welcome to the second year of MASK  Masters! MASK has been around for over 30 years and is one of the most sought after competitive age group swim programs on the South Shore and is again opening their arms to Masters Swimming. MASK Masters is a place for adults 18 yrs and older to get a swim workout in while training beside fellow swimmers with a team atmosphere around them. Swimmers should know all four strokes (even if your technique is still a work in progress) though we will primarily train with freestyle and some backstroke. Masters is an ideal training space for triathletes training for triathlons as well as adults getting/staying in shape. Trying to build up your swim stamina and endurance? Masters is right for you! All abilities/speeds welcome! Work outs are 100% customized to each athlete based on goals and abilities. 


Tri-Harder Triathlon Training Group
*MASK Masters practices would be included in Tri-Harder program*

More information coming soon once training program is finalized.   

Summer I (one) session:
May 29th-June 28th (5 weeks, not the usual 4)

Summer II session:

July 10th- August 9th (5 weeks)

When: Tuesday & Thursday Mornings
             5:30am-6:30am coached practice, 6:30am-7am optional lap swimming for those who want                 extra yardage (not coached as I will be in the water) 

*if we get rain/too cold of weather one day, the make up will be the following Friday. If the Friday is also bad weather, we reschedule for the following Fridays until the end of the session. Refunds cannot be given out, sorry!*

Where: Marshfield Boys and Girls Club Pool- 37 Proprietors Dr, Marshfield, MA 02050

Cost:  $100 (price change due to longer session)

            Boys and Girls Club of Marshfield Pool Member price $89



          Referral program- in an effort to grow the program, I am offering a referral discount! If someone signs up for MASK Masters and mentions your name in the email, you receive $15 off your costs! Maximum discount is -$40 per current athlete & only one discount is offered per new athlete (one new athlete cannot cite 4 different referrals). 

Who: Coach Katelynne Ahearn, MASK Coach
Certifications include: USA Swimming, NFHS Coaching (swimming), Lifeguarding/AED/CPR/First-Aid, Lifeguard Instructor and more

To register & reserve your spot or ask questions: Email Katelynne Ahearn

*Note- there is a minimum number of swimmers required to run each session. Should that number not be met, the session maybe canceled within 24 hours of first get your friends to join*


Q: I haven't swam in X number of years? Can I still keep up?
A: Yes! Everything is customized per person to fit their skill set

Q: What do I need to bring?
A: Cap, goggles, water bottle, suit (duh), towel, ready to work attitude. 

Q: Why are we at a different pool for the winter?
A: Because the Boys and Girls Club (BGC) pool is sadly still just outdoors-hopefully we will have a bubble/roof soon!

Q: Will MASK Masters be outside again?
A: Yes, the BGC pool should be opening in May

MASK Swim Team